These Walls Are On Fire!

Every type of business has different design, technological, equipment, and furniture needs; and getting the right fit in every aspect can be difficult. Even companies’ decision-makers can be confused by today’s quickly-changing technologies. Therefore, they must find trustworthy suppliers and installers who can pinpoint the products and services that best fulfill their requirements.

Of course, these experts must also be able to sort through the constant parade of trends in workplace design. After all, it can be a challenge to discern the solid and sensible ones from those that will soon become outdated. As leaders in the industry, we’ve seen these things come and go; and that’s why we’re so enthused about one of the greatest developments to come along in quite awhile. Furthermore, this one has everyone excited; and, believe it or not, it’s – walls!

Yes, walls; and these ones are so popular that, over the past few years, they’ve become the most rapidly-growing segment of the office construction business! So, they’re not among those fast-fading fads that are hot one day, and fizzling out the next. No-o! In fact, these walls are on fire!

As you’ve no doubt figured out, they’re no ordinary walls! Instead, they’re movable, floor-to-ceiling partitions, with flexible, expandable connections that adjust to all design configurations. In addition, they’re pre-engineered to house cabling for security, power, and data, with the capacity to support any manufacturer’s plumbing, medical equipment, storage, appliances, furniture, fixtures, handrails, technological devices, and AV systems.

But that’s not all! Because each side can function independently, one wall can have two completely different uses. Or a “one-sided” wall can be installed in front of an existing wall that’s doing nothing (except holding up the building, of course), turning it into a high-performing, space-beautifying design element.

Truly, they’re as aesthetically-pleasing as they are practical. Moreover, rather than simply closing things off, as the average wall tends to do, these walls actually open up infinite possibilities!

Indeed, they can be used to create gorgeous, efficient rooms, from unused, or under-used, space. What’s more, besides fitting into any floor scheme or décor, they can even be re-positioned and reconfigured to accommodate any design changes! Best of all, this can all be done without creating any dust or residue, or discarding perfectly good materials!

That means that there’ll be no more wasting of space or resources. So, no matter which colors you choose, your business will look crisp, cool, and clean; but, without a doubt, it will also be “green.”

At CIS, as experts in all aspects of office installation, we’re trained and/or certified in most of the major wall systems. So, to ensure that your wall installation is done perfectly and professionally, give us a call, at 1-800-274-2474 (1-800-274-CISI), or visit cisinstallers.com. Remember, we finish each project on time, within budget, and as designed!